Your host April here.  I know I’m getting a bit of a late start on this blog, considering that we’ve been recording and releasing episodes for 3 months now, but as the old proverb goes, “better late, than never.”  Continuing on this journey of amateur podcasters, Anna and I have certainly been learning a lot about the process, our friends, and ourselves.  For one: we’ve both come to realize that neither of us is overly fond of posting on social media sights – and believe you me, it feels like there are about 5 million sites that you need to post to.  And no posts equals no followers, equals no listeners.  Thankfully, we’re not doing this for money…at least not yet.

What I’m trying to say is, please be patient with us.


I (April) have decided that this space shall henceforth be used as a how-to guide to starting and running a podcast.  Now, Anna and I are by no means professionals (or extremely organized) so bare with us…especially since its taken me a month to finish typing this sentence.


The learning curve continues!  We keep trying to find new and easier ways to get different guests on our show.  A good tip for rookie podcasters (like us) is to have a MASSIVE list of people that are willing to be guest hosts.  If you are reliant on publishing an episode every week and didn’t bother to record multiple episodes ahead of time, you may find that it is rather stressful to track down a guest AND come up with a new interesting topic every week.  Lately, I’ve come up with the idea to make a scheduled list of topics that we are going to cover and to ask for volunteer guests on Facebook.  Its a way to subtly entice our friends, families, and associates into being on our show.  I’m hoping that it works as well as I want it to.


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