So we started out this podcast by trying to do a lot of improvisation and silly games.  With the seemingly popularity of episode #7, “All ‘T’, No Shade”, where we talk about the drag queen community throughout the full episode, we’ve decided to try to theme our episodes.   We of course try to tailor the topic towards something our guest is interested in, which is sometimes easier said than done.  I thought I would use this space for putting prospective topics out into the universe and to also solicit any suggestions from said universe.

  • The Old West: who would you be; what would you do; common misconceptions about the life style; new vs old western movies.
  • Alternate Movie Universe: talk about and create the concept for movies if they had been done in a different genre; would the movie be better with different actors.
  • Victorian Era: weird fashion trends; propriety; duties of men/women

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