We’ve got clown fever! Well… we bought into all the hype and saw IT this weekend.

I, personally, have a long and complicated history with the original film adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. I saw it when I was very ng and it scared the sh*t out of me.

Oh, well… it I guess it isn’t so complicated.

While I don’t identity as a coulrophobe (fear of clowns), even as a child I never understood the appeal of clowns. I mean, I get clowns being popular in an earlier time, before the internet or TVs or a cure for Polio. But, in the last two decades? I’ve never found them magical, entertaining, or funny. And the idea of a sad clown seems redundant.

That being said, clowns have never really scared me… except Pennywise. Specifically, Tim Curry as Pennywise. His bright face, jaunty demeanor, and otherwise upbeat personality made the moments when he turned into a sharp-toothed, arm-ripping, child killer that much more frightening. I love Tim Curry and I knew, even as a kid, what he looked like sans clown drag, but I could never get over the initial fear.

That was, until about six or seven years ago. One day, the original 1990 miniseries IT was on TV in the middle of the day. I watched it, not having seen it in years. And… it didn’t scare me. Not one bit. I was a horror movie maven at that point and started being able to compartmentalize my entertainment. My fears at 22 shifted from movie monsters to real monsters (I started watching A LOT of true crime and Lifetime movies) and I was able to enjoy IT was another horror film.

This is why I was so excited about the reboot. I, like the rest of the Netflix viewing nation, became obsessed with Stranger Things and was loving the idea of the story being set in the 1980s. Then, when I heard ole Stevie King gave it two thumbs up, I was sold!

For this week’s episode of Podcrashed, we review IT. Listen to it here: Episode 36

Did you see IT? What did you think? Comment below, hit us up on social media or email us at podcrashed@gmail.com with your review.

– Anna



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